Sand Discovery Project
The Sand Discovery Project was conceived from the
overwhelming need by teachers and students for information,
lesson plans, activities, and sand samples for the classroom.

The ISCS is always looking for new projects to undertake. Some
are created by the Society as a whole, its director or by individual
members. In an effort to standardize the hobby of sand collecting
and make it easier for collectors to communicate worldwide, the
Society is constantly looking for new ways of providing information
and uniformity within the hobby and make it more convenient for
members to communicate with each other.
These country codes provide ISCS members with a standardized base
for their sand sample recording and for sand exchanges with members
Thru the efforts of member Dr. David Douglass, Professor of
Geology, Pasadena City College, Pasadena California, The
ISCS was awarded a grant in 1999 to fund the development
and production of our Sand Discovery Kits. Dr. Douglass and
the Pasadena City College continue be the coordinating body
of this project.Click below to see our Sand Discovery Kit .
Geological and Geographical Words & Terms
Translations List
The ISCS has complied a Geological and Geographical Words &
Terms Translations List
. This list provides members with a variety of
frequently used words and terms in the more popular foreign
languages. The list includes such information in English, Dutch,
French, German, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese. This is an ongoing
list and will be added to in time.

Country Codes
Another ISCS Project is a listing of two-letter country abbreviation
codes. These codes are issued by the International Organization of
and are recognized throughout the world.
The ISCS has organized its teachers/members into the SDP
committee to create and develop this material, organize and
offer it to Instructors as a kit.
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